Hair Services - Services

Basic retouch - $77 and up (1 + hours)

Retouch that new growth! 1/2-1 inch of new growth is consider retouch.

Blow Dry and style - $29 and up and up (30 + minutes)

For the one who doesnt want to do it themselves! Guaranteed to stay up to 7 days Read More...

Color Touch glaze - $48 and up (1 hour)

An excellent service to add color along with extreme shine. Doing a glaze along with a retouch can refresh your whole color with little to no damage

Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment - $210 and up (2~2 1/2 hours)

The Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment is a revolutionary process that softens, shines and smooths hair. Blow dry time is reduced by 70%..curl is reduced by 30~50%. Doing this process immediately after a color service and color fadage is almost non-existent and the shine is impeccable! Read More...

Corrective Color - Price quoted on consultation.

Corrective colour, price quoted on consultation.

Hilights and Low lights - $125 and up (1 1/2-2 hours)

Add depth and extra colour to your hair.

Mans clipper cut - $25 (30 mins)

Fades,flat tops are just a few clipper cuts we can do..

Men's Design Cut - $28 (25-30 minutes)

Cut and style for the Gentlemen. One of the best cuts you've ever had! Read More...

Perms - $104 with haircut or $92 without (2 hours)

To add a lot of curl or just body to your style. The options are up to you!

Specialty perm wraps - price with consultation (2 + hours)

Long hair needs a specialty wrap to insure ends get curled. Spiral wrap is one of many wraps for long hair.

Wedding Style/Updo - $60 and up (1 + hours)

Hair style for weddings includes practice session.

Womens haircut with style - $45-$55 depending on length (30-40 minutes)

The perfected hair cut with the perfect style that your stylists does for you!

Children's haircut - $24-32 depending on being styled or just cut (30 mins)

A hair cut just for the little ones, make them feel special like Mom and Dad. Read More...

Bang Trim - $12.00 (10-12 minutes)

A quick trim for bangs that are getting a little too long. Read More...

Conditioners - $25 and up depending on treatment chosen (25 minutes)

Deep conditioning that is a great add-on to any hair service. We all need a little moisture in our hair!! Read More...

Highlights - starting at $102(depending on length (1 1/2-2+ hours)

Just a couple or your whole head..whatever you want! Change your style with only a couple hilights. Read More...

Chemical Straightening - $100 AND UP (2~2 1/2 HOURS)

Straight hair that lasts for months. Choose to soften the natural curl or straighten it completely! Read More...


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